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Thank you for purchasing one of our Lancer Tactical product. Lancer Tactical Inc. conducts its business in an honest, fair, and proper manner. We take great pride in our products and we know that there may be some manufacturing defects in material that may occur during construction or assembly. Like all airsoft systems, Lancer Tactical airsoft rifles require proper maintenance to function properly and are subject to normal wear and tear which is why we provide a 1 year warranty for all our products.

Duration of Coverage

Our warranty covers all manufacture defects for a 1 year period from the date of purchase. Purchases made from an unauthorized dealer or second-hand seller will not come with a warranty. We will accept only warranty and parts requests for products purchased from one of our authorized dealers. We reserve the right to deny any warranty claim if we believe the claim to be fraudulent or if the item was purchased from an unauthorized seller such as, but not limited to Craigslist and Ebay. For purchases conducted outside of the United States, please contact the original seller from which you made your purchase for warranty information.


What Does the Warranty Cover/Not Cover?

If your Lancer Tactical product fails to function as it was designed, we will examine its condition upon its return to Lancer Tactical and determine the cause of the failure. Our warranty covers defects in manufacturing, materials, or workmanship.  Our warranty excludes batteries, chargers and accessories and does not cover damages caused by the user. Examples include opening up your gearbox, normal wear and tear, disassembling your rifle or modifications, dropping or damage caused during play. Removing the orange tip WILL VOID your warranty.  If your warranty is voided or if you are outside of the 1 year warranty period you can still have your airsoft rifles repaired for a fee.

Warranty Outside of the U.S.

All registered Lancer Tactical products purchased from an authorized dealer are backed by a 1 year warranty. For all warranty claims outside of the U.S. (Includes Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico) please contact the original seller you purchased your product from for warranty repairs.  

Buyers can also contact us directly for warranty repairs however, shipping will be at the owner’s expense. After warranty repair has been made we will ship your product back at no additional cost. 

For international buyers who would like to send their product back to Lancer Tactical for warranty, please include your RMA number (RMA number will be issued once RMA is approved) in your package and email us the tracking number to ensure your product will be repaired and sent back in a timely manner.

Warranty Shipping 

We provide a pre-paid return label for products with qualifying warranty issues within the 1 year warranty period. Products that are not covered under manufacturer warranty or that are over the 1 year warranty period unfortunately are not provided a pre-paid return label and will require shipping to and from our facility.

(Please confirm your item is within policy before returning. If your item returned falls outside of the warranty policy [e.g. orange tip removed, disassembled, modified etc.] you will be subject to all shipping fees incurred and any repair fees you choose to have completed.)

Replacement Parts

Please refer to our Service & Repairs form.


Warranty Repair Times

We want to return your airsoft rifle back to you as fast as we can so you can jump right back into the battlefield! Due to shipping delays that may arise, issues with your airsoft rifle and the availability of parts; some warranties may take longer than others. The estimated time for repairs is up to 2-3 weeks after your product has been received. Once your repairs have been made and your package has been shipped, we will provide you with a tracking number via email. Please be patient with your warranty repairs as we work to get your product back to you as soon as we can.


Please fill out the Warranty Registration Form below to register your airsoft product.


If you have already registered your product and are in need of REPAIR ASSISTANCE  please visit our Services and Repairs page.



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