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Sales and Availability:

Q: Where can I buy Lancer Tactical guns, parts, and accessories?

A: Unfortunately you cannot buy products directly from this website or us. All our products are only sold through our authorized dealers. Please check the authorized dealer page on our website to locate a store or website to purchase our products.


Q: How do I inquire about becoming a Lancer Tactical dealer or distributor?

A: If you are an airsoft retailer please go to the dealers page on our website and fill out a form and our wholesaler representative will contact you.


Q: I live outside of the United States, where do I go to purchase a Lancer Tactical product?

A: We have authorized Lancer Tactical dealers outside of the United States, check out the list of international dealers under our dealers page.


Warranty & Service:

Q: Who do I contact if something is wrong with my Lancer Tactical AEG?

A: If your local field or storefront is a Lancer Tactical authorized repair center, we ask that you give them a visit! An authorized technician would be able to assist, diagnose, and repair your Lancer Tactical product. You may also contact our corporate repair center at (888) 279-7776 or by email at; a customer service representative will do their best to assist you through the RMA process.


Q: Does my Lancer Tactical rifle have a warranty? If so, how do I utilize that?

A: All of our airsoft rifles sold from Lancer Tactical authorized dealers are backed by a 1 -Year Limited Warranty policy. The warranty begins at the purchase date of the product. To take advantage of your warranty, please register your product on our our website's Warranty Registration page (proof of purchase, serial number, and model number are needed to register).

Q: What will void my warranty? 

A: Doing anything that alters the gun in any way that isn’t in the same condition as you bought it will void your warranty. The warranty covers manufacturing errors and malfunctions. Any damage caused by the user is not covered by our warranty. (Examples include tampering and/or opening up the gearbox and modifications). Voided warranty or rifles outside of the 1 year warranty period can be repaired at a cost.

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