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Premium Battery Smart Charger for 6-12V NiMH/NICD

Premium Battery Smart Charger for 6-12V NiMH/NICD

SKU: UPC_8000103


  • Manufacturer: Lancer Tactial
  • Compatible Batteries: 6v - 12v NiMH / NiCD Batteries
  • Input Voltage: 100-240c AC (Compatible with most standard wall sockets)
  • Output: 6-12v 1A or 2A
  • Charger Dimensions: 4.5 x 2.25 x 1.37 inches



  • ***Please remember not to leave batteries unattended while charging***
  • *Do NOT use with Lipo or Li-ion batteries*
  • Universally charges NiMN and NiCD airsoft batteries faster than standard wall chargers
  • Small and large type tamiya battery connectors are included in the package
  • Smart charger can be plugged into any standard wall socket
  • Current levels have two charging settings
  • Compatible with most 6v to 12v airsoft batteries
  • Prolongs battery life by preventing overcharging and overheating
  • Battery automatically shuts off if sensor detects a short circuit or once its fully charged
  • Lightweight and simple design that makes this charger easy to use even for beginners
  • Flashing indicator lights will notify you of charging process and if battery is connected incorrectly


Package Includes

1x Charger, 1x Standard Tamiya Female, 1x Spare Fuse, 1x Male Tamiya to Mini Female Adapter, 1x Male Tamiya w/ Clip Adapter

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