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NiMH 8.4V 1600 mAh Nunchuck Battery Deans

NiMH 8.4V 1600 mAh Nunchuck Battery Deans

SKU: LT8.4V1600ND


Lancer Tactical high performance batteries are made using freshly made cells to ensure you get consistent power output as well as  the longest usage life out of your battery pack. The redesigned thin exterior casing helps these batteries fit into the most snug of battery compartments with ease. 


Brand: Lancer Tactical

Battery Voltage: 8.4v 

Plug Type: Deans

Battery Capacity: 1600 mAh



Fine constructed cell internals with a rubber safety coat

Compatible with most AEG airsoft guns

Lightweight and compact tactical design

high performance 8.4v output for efficiency

Nunchuck battery has full capacity of 1600mAh


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