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Lancer Tactical M4 Gen-2 Rotary Hop-Up Unit (Color: Red)

Lancer Tactical M4 Gen-2 Rotary Hop-Up Unit (Color: Red)



High Operation Power Up or "Hop-Up" in short, is the back spinning of an airsoft BB to increase range and accuracy through a phenomenon called Magnus effect. In airsoft the term Hop-Up also usually refers to the device that creates the backs spin off BBs. Its main function is to increase and decrease the pressure applied on one side (top) of your BB when chambered that creates a backspin when fired thus creating a perpendicular force pulling the BB upwards and increasing effective range. Having the right hop up adjustment on your airsoft gun will maximize its effectiveness.



Brand: Lancer Tactical

Construction: Polymer

Compatibility: Most Tokyo Marui spec Version 2 AEG Gearbox

Color: Red



  • Durable polymer reinforced components resist wear
  • Easily adjust hop-up using the rotary design
  • Consistent BB feeding for improves performance
  • Increased air seal from the compression of the system
  • Upgraded part used in Lancer Tactical Gen-2 M4 AEGs
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