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Lancer Tactical Electronic Trigger Unit for M4 AEG Rifles

Lancer Tactical Electronic Trigger Unit for M4 AEG Rifles



The Lancer Tactical electronic trigger unit (ETU) replaces your traditional pressure plate trigger unit for an electronic trigger unit. Having an electronic trigger unit allows for faster trigger response which results in a faster rate of fire. Traditional pressure plate trigger contacts can easily wear out and has more moving components that can break. Upgrading to an electric trigger unit you avoid having all that and have a circuit board that can detect trigger movement.



  • Brand: Lancer Tactical
  • Connector: Mini Tamiya
  • Compatibility: Lancer Tactical G2 M4 AEGs


  • OEM replacement part
  • Regulates electric flow and protect trigger contacts
  • Dramatically increases trigger response and rate of fire
  • Designed for Lancer Tactical G2 gearboxes, and other M4-based AEGs, including G&G, KWA and Krytac
  • Comes with Lancer Tactical Electronic Trigger Unit MOSFET, fuse, and mini Tamiya connector
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