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46 lb Rice Bag Airsoft 0.25g BBs (WHITE)

46 lb Rice Bag Airsoft 0.25g BBs (WHITE)

SKU: CA-105


Lancer Tactical 6mm BBs are high quality BBs with a +/- 1mm threshhold to offers consistent results with accuracy and range. Each BB is carefully manufactured into a 5.98mm sphere, then highly polished to prevent jamming and ensure maximum performance. Here at Lancer Tactical we ensure you don't settle for less and risk damaging your gun. We have a wide range of BBs ranging in weight, material, and amount.



Manufacturer: Lancer Tactical

Material: ABS Plastic

BB Size: 6mm

BB Weight: 0.25g 

Count: Approximately 84,000 BBs

Color: White



Perfectly spherical and seamless design

Strict quality control ensures consistent BB diameter

Highest rating in accuracy, grouping, and range with minimal jamming 

Great value for frequent airsoft players

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