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30mm Mini Red Dot Sight

30mm Mini Red Dot Sight

SKU: CA-441B


Lancer Tactical Red Dot Scope is a perfect piece of gear add to a close quaters loadout. The cantilever mount grants the optic to be set foward minimizing margin of error when taking aim. It features a large viewing apeture that grants an airsoft player a great field of view and eye relief. The scope is an illuminate reticle to all the user to quickly acquire argets even in low light conditions. This product can be designated for many different uses and is a great to addiion to an airsoft player's loadout



Brand: Lancer Tactical

Diameter: 30mm
Magnification: 1X
Length: 108mm

Lens Coating: Ruby Red
Color: Black



  • Nitrogen filled, ruby red optic lens coating.
  • Shock resistant matte anodized metal finish.
  • Anti-reflection compact red dot sight design.
  • Optic rail mount included for simple installation.
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