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11.1v 2500 20C mAh Butterfly Li-ion Battery

11.1v 2500 20C mAh Butterfly Li-ion Battery

SKU: LT11.1V2500N20C


Lancer Tactical high performance batteries are made using freshly made cells to ensure you get consistent power output as well as  the longest usage life out of your battery pack. The redesigned thin exterior casing helps these batteries fit into the most snug of battery compartments with ease.


  • Brand: Lancer Tactical
  • Battery Cell Type: Lithium ion
  • Discharge Rate: 20C
  • Connector: Mini Tamiya
  • Voltage: 11.1v
  • Compatibility: Most AEGs w/ wiring in Crane Style Stock



  • Compact and powerful lithium ion 2500 mAh battery pack
  • Capable of charging using align balance connector
  • Connects to AEGs with mini Tamiya
  • Provides a longer life span and response rate compared to standard NiMH batteries
  • Compact and designed to fit in most crane style stocks
  • Recommended for AEGs with MOSFET or upgraded internals
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