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Airsoft PJ-Type Ballistic Helmet (HLD) L/XL

Airsoft PJ-Type Ballistic Helmet (HLD) L/XL

SKU: CA-725H


  • Material : ABS Plastic
  • Color: HLD (Kryptek highlander)
  • Size: 22.4" - 23.6"


  • Rear dial knob for head size adjustment
  • Side rails allow fitment of compatible accessories
  • Velcro stickers allow fitment of safety lights and patches
  • Helmet shroud allow fitment of NVG mounts


  • Rail adapter 20MM X 1
  • W-L Adapter X 1
  • Velcro padding
  • Velcro stickers
  • Helmet padding
  • Adjustable head strap
  • Helmet shroud
  • Side rails w/ goggle strap clips
  • Bungee retention for NVG
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