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Scorpion .50 Cal Less Lethal Launcher

Scorpion .50 Cal Less Lethal Launcher



Keep you and your loved ones safe from intruders. The Lancer Defense line of less lethal CO2 powered pistols are designed to be used as a less lethal option against untruders or for self defense purposes. The less lethal pistol can shoot pepper projectiles, rubber balls, or paintballs at a high velocity to fend off any intruder. Easy to arm knob on the bottom of the pistol makes this pistol quick to arm at any moment. 


  • Brand: Lancer Defense
  • Construction: Polymer Body
  • Gas Type: CO2
  • Firing Modes: Semi-Automatic with a functioning safety
  • Power Supply: 12 CO2 Cartridge Required
  • Muzzle Velocity: 300 FPS
  • Effective Range: 12 Meters
  • Caliber: 0.50 Cal
  • Magazine Capacity: 7 Rounds
  • Projectile Dimensions: 12.7mm
  • Product Weight: 2 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 7.5 (L) x 6.1 (W) x 1.5 (H) inches
  • Color: Orange / Black



  • Ideal for home defense protection without having to go full lethal
  • High quality polymer body with an ergonomic texture grip that makes this pistol comfortable to grip
  • The non-blowback functionality utilizes most of the CO2 to fully propel rounds with maximum force and speed to fend off intruders
  • This .50 caliber pistol can take rubber rounds, paintballs, or pepper projectiles which makes this pistol ideal for any situation
  • Easy to arm via a big screw knob that makes piercing the CO2 cartridge very quick and easy
  • Bottom picatinny rail segment provides an option to mount a tactical light or laser
  • Built-in iron sights makes aiming the pistol easy
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