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.43 Cal 4 Round Magazine

.43 Cal 4 Round Magazine



  • Construction: Polymer
  • Caliber: .43 Cal
  • Compatibility: For Lancer Defense .43 Cal Non-Lethal Pistol Only
  • Magazine Capacity: 4 Rounds



  • These spare magazines are a direct OEM fit for the Lancer Defense .43 Cal Non-Lethal Marker
  • Keeping a spare magazine is a great way to prepare for multiple intruders or attackers
  • The spare magazine has a capacity of 4 rounds which gives you more fire power when it comes time to defending yourself or property
  • This magazine can be used with pepper or rubber rounds
  • Having multiple magazines loaded with different rounds keeps you well prepared for any situation whether you need to switch from pepper to rubber or vise versa


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