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3-9x32 AOL Metal Mil-Dot Rifle Scope

3-9x32 AOL Metal Mil-Dot Rifle Scope

SKU: CA-1406


Brand: Lancer Tactical

Material: Metal

Length: 8.6"
Magnification: 3X - 9X
Color: Black



  • Incredibly tough tempered metal alloy manufacturing proves to outlast and endure in the field against the elements and debris.
  • Rugged nitrogen filled and shock proof body enhances scope vitality.
  • Dual illuminated reticle color type feature allows a red or green visual hue to promote optical ease during any scenario.
  • Green optical coating adds ease in visual alignment between operator and target.
  • Adjustable picatinny rail adapter system easily fits 20mm rails making this one versatile scope.
  • Tube diameter measures out to 25.4 mm and eye relief range of 67.1-90.0 mm.
  • Metal frame scope magnifies from 3x-9x.
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