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120 Round Mid Capacity Airsoft Magazine for M4/M16

120 Round Mid Capacity Airsoft Magazine for M4/M16



The Lancer Tactical airsoft magazine is a very tough and lightweight magazine that fits into most airsoft rifles. The durable metal frame can withstand the tough terrain of both indoor and outdoor activities. High tension spring that ensures feeding on high speed guns and will not jam. You don't want to choose the wrong magazine when looking for a spare magazine. 



Manufacturer: Lancer Tactical

Magazine Type: Mid Capacity 

Material: Metal

Compatibility: Fits into most standard M4/M16 5.56 magwell

Magazine Capacity: 120 Rounds

Color: Black & Blue



  • Stamped metal outer shell mimics the look and feel of real steel magazines
  • Injection molded polymer internals with a blue color scheme that adds some character and uniqueness to your magazines
  • No winding or pull string required to load this magazine
  • Mid capacity design prevents BB rattle that you get from high capacity magazines
  • High tension spring ensures reliable feeding even in high rate of fire applications


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