Lancer Tactical Enforcer BLACKBIRD Skeleton AEG w/ Alpha Stock - GOLD

Lancer Tactical Enforcer BLACKBIRD Skeleton AEG w/ Alpha Stock - GOLD



Upgraded Gearbox/Internals the 6.03mm stock tightbore barrel further increases range and FPS, and an injected polymer rotary style hop-up adjusts BB spin effortlessly for maximum precision. Upgraded with an 18:1 reinforced steel gear set to provide a quicker cycling rate and 8mm bushings to enhance the operational smoothness of your gears. These upgraded internals increase shot to shot consistency with minimal wear to your internals. The powerful 25k high torque motor is regulated to maximum efficiency with low resistance copper wiring and a bonus battery protection feature! When low voltage is detected from a drained battery, an automatic cut off keeps equipped batteries from draining completely, vastly increasing battery life and longevity. Replace your springs and alter your FPS without opening up your gearbox! A true quick change spring system enables adjustment from CQB to outdoor and back through unlocking the mechanism secured inside the buffer tube. The Lancer "Fast Trigger" the most notable feature in the Lancer Generation 2 ProLine series is the Lancer Fast Trigger. Modeled with a bladed flat trigger design, an ETU and a MOSFET all located within the gearbox, additional wiring has been reduced, amplifying trigger response. The Lancer Fast Trigger pushes about 20-25 RPS, and shoots consistently within a 2-3 FPS range. "SET TO WIN" is a trademark of Lancer Tactical and one ofthe core components of Lancer Tactical. The slogan was coined in 2018.



- Lancer Electric Trigger Unit (ETU) and MOSFET with fire cutoff syste, to fully optimize performance, snappy trigger response, cyclic rate, accuracy 

- Reinforced redesigned metal version Gen-2 gearbox with ultrea-smooth 8mm bearings, 18:1 steel gears, steel teeth polycarbonate piston, reduced heat spikes 16AWG wires, bearing spring guide, rotary hop-up, 25,000 RPM neodymium magnet high-speed motor for consistent performance 

- Quick change spring design, accessible through buffer tube

- Flat trigger and enlarged trigger guard design

- Lightweight durable aluminum free float licensed M-LOK rail system

- Copper polished 6.03mm tight bore barrel improves range and accuracy (200+ feet with 0.20g BBs)

- Comes with 120 round midcap metal training magazine and Alpha stock stores the included 70 round short mid cap magazine

- Ergonomically designed polymer textured grip

- Operable dust cover reveals a rotary style hop-up

- Full length 20mm top rail for scopes, sights, and magnifiers

- Low resistance wirting prevents potential damage from the battery

- Fires in full-auto and semi-auto, with a functional safety

- Full metal polished 6.03mm tight bore barrel improves range and accuracy (200+ feet with 0.28g BBs)



Brand: Lancer Tactical

Operation: Electric Automatic

Build: Full Metal Upper & Lower Receivers, Outer Barrel, Lightweight M-LOK Rails / Polymer Stock, Pistol Grip

Firing Modes: Semi-Automatic, Full-Automatic, Safety

Muzzle Velocity: 370 - 395 FPS (w/ 0.20g BBs)

Gearbox: Full Metal Version 2

Connector: Mini Tamiya

Battery: 11.1v Stick (Not included)

Magazine Capacity: 120 Round / 70 Round Mid Capacity

Hop-Up: Yes, Adjustable (Rotary)

Inner Barrel Diameter: 6.03mm

Length: 34 inches

Color: Black / Gold










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