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CA-442B Metal 4 Pattern Reticle Scope - BLACK

CA-442B Metal 4 Pattern Reticle Scope - BLACK

SKU: CA-442B


Lancer Tactical CA-442B Metal 4 Pattern Reticle Scope is a perfect piece of gear add to a close quaters loadout. It features a large viewing apeture that grants an airsoft player a great field of view and eye relief. The scope is an illuminate reticle to all the user to quickly acquire argets even in low light conditions. This product can be designated for many different uses and is a great to add on to an airsoft player's loadout



Brand: Lancer Tactical

Material: Aluminum

Lens: 23mm
Color: Black



  • Reticle can adjust up tp 4 patterns to the user's preference.
  • Reticle scope has a pre-set parallax adjusted for 100 yards.
  • Two lens covers protects sights from damage when scope is not being used.
  • 23mm objective lens.
  • Aluminum material design to give more durability.
  • Product is shockproof and fog proof to prevent maximum recoil.
  • Designed for quick target acquisition
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