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.50 Cal Pepper Projectile (Pack of 7)

.50 Cal Pepper Projectile (Pack of 7)


Due to certain state regulations and laws, we CANNOT sell this product to the following areas: Hawaii, New York, Washington DC, California, Oregon, and Canada



  • Caliber: 0.50 Cal
  • Compatibility: For use with 0.50 Cal Markers, Training Pistols, Defense Pistols Only



  • These rounds are the most potent and have a powerful concentration of PAVA pepper powder that is effective at stopping intruders or any threats
  • Upon impact, the pepper will burst and create a cloud of pepper in the surrounding area that will incapacitate an attacker within seconds
  • The potency of these rounds does not require direct hits on a target, simply striking the ground in close proximity to your target is enough to diffuse a threat
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