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Introducing the Lancer Tactical Proline PDW

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

The PDW has found it's home in airsoft, and we tried our best at creating the most competitive airsoft PDW, out of the box, to date!

Design Influence

We saw the growing trend of PDW's in airsoft and decided to try our hand at it. The influence behind the end goal was to design a compact airsoft rifle for everyone! Looking at the play style of both milsimmers and speedsofters we took the key components from each style and took it into consideration during the mapping of performance expectations. A fast trigger, 200+ foot range, and easily manipulated controls, were some of the primary components we kept in mind.

External Overview

Externally on the Proline PDW series you have a very sleek and lightweight build. Rounding out at 5 pounds it is the most lightweight full metal PDW to date. Starting from the front you have a metal rail system. Depending on the model you order, the rail length and design will vary. On the model pictured (LT-29 Needletail), you have a 6" MLOK free float rail system, full metal upper/lower receivers, an enlarged trigger guard, flat trigger, and the newly designed PDW stock. The buffer tube houses a deans wired LiPo battery, which is a great new addition to the Proline family. Now to look at what you should expect from the performance.

Performance Standards

Taking a look at the performance, the Proline PDW does all the talking itself. Out of the box, with an 11.1v deans wired lipo battery, expected performance standards are; on full auto 22 bb's a second, ability to walk your trigger, and 200+ foot range. 100% compatible with aftermarket upgrade parts, there is absolutely no reason for you to have to modify anything, to install parts. A rotary style hop-up allows you to dial in your PDW to the perfect trajectory to sling your bb's. We recommend using bb's in the range of .28-.32g to get the best range out of your airsoft rifle making sure to keep in mind how mother nature has the wind blowing that day.

Final Thoughts

If you want to go ahead and test out one of these for yourself, go ahead and visit your local field or shop and ask to check out the performance! Another option is to go ahead and check out some of the reviews from youtubers or channels that belong to stores! With it's upgraded performance and 1-Year Warranty it's easy to say that it is as easy to pull the trigger on this purchase as it is to pull the trigger on our Lancer Fast Trigger Unit (ETU).


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