Q: Who do I contact if something is wrong with my Lancer Tactical Airsoft rifle?

A: If your local field or storefront is a Lancer authorized repair center, go to them, they have everything they will need to help you out! However, if they are not, please feel free to contact us. We will do our very best to assist you and solve any existing issues! Contact information can be found under "Company" in the "Contact Us" section.

Q: Does my Lancer Tactical airsoft rifle have a warranty? If so, how do I utilize that?

A: ALL of our AEG's sold through approved retail channels (new, and not used or second hand) come with a 1-year warranty that BEGINS the day you purchase the item. To take advantage of your warranty, please register your products on our "WARRANTY REGISTRATION PAGE" under the support tab. You will need your proof of purchase, your serial number, and model number (found on the box).

Q: What will void my warranty?

A: Removing your orange tip or opening up your gearbox will be immediate cause for voiding your warranty. Do not worry though, if you still need our assistance we will be more then glad to help. We can do authorized repair work on your Lancer Tactical products for a fee and get it back up and running if your warranty has been in fact voided.