• LT-25B Legion HPA Series

legion hpa system

What is it?
High pressure air (HPA) airsoft guns use compressed air to fire out BBs. It’s quite a unique system that takes components of gas blowback systems and Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs), making a completely different system that is mechanical pneumatic.

Making the switch
When making the switch from AEG to HPA, you don’t have to worry about typical AEG maintenance issues. Instead of having a motor move the gears, pushing the spring back, building pressure in the cylinder and releasing it through the nozzle to force the BB out of the barrel, a HPA engine just has air pushing straight through the nozzle, thus short- ening the time and process by incredible lengths. You just need a tank with regulator, line, and engine. 

LT-25B Legion HPA Series

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